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Choosing How To Keep Seafood Cold When Shipping In Foam Coolers

Gel Packs For Shipping Seafood Gel packs (also known as PCMs, gel ice, and blue ice) are sturdy packs of ‘liquid feel’ gel refrigerant chemicals that freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) like water, only when they get warm again they don’t melt all over the place because they are in sealed packs, completely reusable as long as the packs are not punctured or contaminated. You’ll want to consider packing enough gel packs to match the weight of your seafood – or maybe a bit more than that.

Dry Ice For Frozen Items As a frozen gas (carbon dioxide), dry ice evaporates (sublimates) at a rate of about 5 to 10 pounds during a 24 hour period, so you have to plan for how much you’re going to need depending on whether you are doing an overnight or 2-day shipping (or longer). 澳門乾貨批發  Obviously, shipping charges are going to get higher because of the increased weight per day, yet the effectiveness of dry ice makes it very popular. Sublimation starts immediately upon purchase, so if you’re not doing your packing while standing in a walk-in freezer or cold storage, then you definitely need to be quick about it. There are special labeling rules for dry ice packages, so be sure to ask your shipping provider.

When you pack your foam shipping cooler, it’s best to do so in a cold environment such as a walk-in freezer, or as close to cold as you can get. That way, your container is already cooled and your refrigerants and seafood are not in contact with heat. The closer your contents are to preferred temperatures before packing, the better your end result.